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Violet's Special Act 

Have you ever dreamed of becoming something greater than yourself? This is the inspiring story of one extraordinary elephant's journey to pursuing her dream of becoming a circus acrobat, despite the odds. Opening night of the circus is just a few days away, and time is quickly running out. Violet begins to wonder if she'll ever become a shining acrobatic star. However, with a lot of guidance from an unexpected friend, Violet starts to regain her hope, and begins practicing some amazing acrobatic moves. Follow along to see if Violet's persistence and determination pay off in time for her to perform her special act.

Available in hardback and paperback

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Wimfiddle Finds His Voice

Sometimes it takes a few unexpected friends and a little bit of courage to discover just how beautiful you truly are. For one such owl, that is exactly the case. Fly beside him and embark on an extraordinary tale filled with wonderment and self-discovery. If not already, you might discover just how remarkable your own voice is along the way.
Wimfiddle is a real-life Barred Owl that sometimes answers to "Wimfiddle!" "Wimfiddle!" He is quite shy, but you can sometimes spot him showing off his large, grayish wings if you wait patiently. Wimfiddle lives with his mate and other young owlets deep in the lush woods of North Georgia. He likes to eat rodents and sleeps throughout the day. You can learn more about Barred Owls, as well as other nocturnal birds by clicking here

Available in hardback and paperback

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Rex and the stolen Mooncakes

Embark on an adventure through Chinatown and the mystical Chinese culture with a scraggly dog, a magical rabbit, and...a rat. Along their journey, you’ll discover a Chinese delicacy that bonds three unexpected friends together. Make sure to journey through the last pages of the story. There, you will find a special recipe that you’ll want to share with your friends and family.

Available in paperback

About the Illustrator

Ewa O'Neill is a Polish illustrator. She collects beautiful children's books and reads them to her little twin boys. It is hard to pin her down, but she currently lives in Switzerland with her family. 

If you would like to inquire about Ewa O'Neill's illustrations, please visit her website here.


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